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Polyethylene Motor Mount Inserts Instructions

What you'll need:

  • A 3/8" thick polyethylene kitchen cutting board (around $6.00 at Wal-Mart)
  • A wide assortment of metric sockets and ratchets
  • Floor jack and jackstands
  • Small hand saw or Jigsaw (recommended)
  • Dremel, bench grinder or coarse hand file
  • Bench vise
  • Hammer
  • WD-40 or similar
  1. Remove your factory motor mounts as instructed by your factory service manual or Haynes Repair Manual. These instructions detail the installation of the inserts in one mount as an example. Repeat the procedure for the other mounts.

  2. Here's the driver's side top motor mount out of the car. Since this modification will give new life to old motor mounts, don't be surprised if yours looks ok from a distance...

    But looks much worse close up. Upon closer inspection, themount is badly torn. The large opening in the top doesn't help much either! This is common with these types of mounts, but don't let this stop you, as we'll be making it better than ever.

  3. Next, size up and measure the large openings in the motor mount. You will be filling these with small pieces cut from the polyethylene kitchen cutting board that you picked up earlier.

  4. After measuring, cut the inserts from the polyethylene kitchen cutting board using a jigsaw or small hand saw. After cutting the pieces out, shape with a dremel, bench grinder, or hand file if needed. My experience has been that a little "fine tuning" of the insert edges is needed in order to get them to fit nice and snug.

  5. Next, insert the small polyethylene pieces into the open areas of the mount. You want a very tight fit here, so give them a good whack with a hammer, or press them in with a bench vise. Some WD-40 will help the inserts slide into the mount.

  6. The inserts should look similar to the picture below. Flush with the rubber on both sides, filling the gaps completely and solidifying the mount. Spray a little flat black paint on them for a stealthy, finished look.

  7. Lastly, re-install the mount(s) as instructed by your factory service manual or Haynes Repair Manual. Good Luck and enjoy the results of your work!