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Website Links
Here's list of Websites that I recommend.

4G61t.com Home of the Mirage Turbo/Colt GT Forums. An excellent site that has grown into a great resource for the Colt/Mirages. This site not only taps into the knowledge of Colt/Mirage owners worldwide, but also offers magazine articles, tips, tricks and much more.

Do it yourself Alcohol / Water / Methanol injection site Little plug for my site that will show you how to build a high quality, reasonably priced water / alcohol injection system. A MUST for all turbo cars, period.

89 Mirage 2.0 Turbo Sedan - "Lil Evo" Fun Website that not only documents swapping a 4G63 2.0 Turbo into a 89 Mirage sedan, but also has some great video footage.

Do it yourself Filled Motor Mounts / Motor Mount Inserts Website Website that will show you how to eliminate wheel hop and allow your car to put the power down to the pavement.

Team NABR The most comprehensive resource for DSMs technical information. Wanna learn about DSM horsepower? Read the archives until your eyes bleed.

Project Goodwill My buddies in Florida have created a monster! If you like going fast on a budget, you'll love this. Follow the progression of the project car that has folks all over the interweb talking.

German Mirage/Colt Site The Colt/Mirage hatchback is still alive! Especially in Europe! Visit this site to see all sorts of cool and unusual things. Heck, you might even learn something. German 101 required for maximum effect.

Preferred Vendors

Buschur Racing The man that pioneered DSM horsepower has always offered excellent products at great prices. Whether you're building an Evo,WRX,DSM,SRT-4,or 4G63 powered beast, You absolutely can't go wrong with them.

Summit Racing Summit Racing has a massive catalog of parts available. I have been dealing with them often since 1991 (20-30 orders a year at least) and they have NEVER made a mistake on any one of my orders. That is impressive!