The 12th Annual Diamond Star Shootout
Hosted by Buschur Racing
August 14-15th 2004

Other than mother nature stepping in and raining on the racing Sunday, everyone had a great time meeting up with fellow DSM/Evo fanatics and checking out all of the cool stuff.

Oh, and the goons in the pictures are our friends from the Tampa Bay DSM crew. Wait 'til their parole officers see that they left Florida. Have fun in the slammer fellas! Soap on a rope is your friend in there I hear.

As you'll see in the pictures, we took our 4G63 powered Starion for everyone to check out and to run in the shootout. Even though this is our 3rd shootout, we've never raced in one. When we loaded the car up, we knew there were a handfull of small issues that we needed to chase down before we could get some good times out of the car. With this in mind, we gave it a go anyway.

When we pulled into the Buschur Racing parking lot on Friday afternoon, we were greeted by the familiar faces of the Tampa Bay DSM crew, who made the 18 hour drive to Ohio. We started to chit chat and before we knew it, our friends and the team from Buschur Racing, (including David) were helping us with advice and some last minute tuning tips. Within a few minutes we were at Norwalk Raceway Park for their Friday night test and tune. Please check back soon as Gail will be adding a racing summary of the test and tune session as well as the shootout itself.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures. It was great meeting everyone!


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