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Tech Info/Articles/Editorials
2.0 Turbo swap into a 89-92 Colt/Mirage-This tech article includes the details and parts needed when swapping a 4G63 Mitsu 2.0 Turbo engine into an 89-92 Colt/Mirage. Click to view
89 Mirage Turbo Car & Driver ReviewTake a trip back to 1989. A simpler time when cupholders didn't exist and Milli Vanilli was redefining pop music. Click to view
89 Mirage Turbo/Colt GT Magazine Ads & BrochuresScans from magazine ads and dealer brochures. Click to view
Dispelling the myths I've heard-Get the whole story here. Click to view
Proven Upgrade Paths-Do it right the first time! You'll save money and have more fun. Click to view
Mirage 1.6 Story-Read about the quest to find another Turbo Mirage and how one just sorta popped up. Click to view
Do It Yourself Projects
Motor Mount Inserts-Stock motor/transmission mounts are often soft and can be damaged easily. This inexpensive modification solves that problem. Click to view
Water/Alcohol Injection-Injecting water or a mix of water and alcohol into a forced induction engine has been proven to decrease detonation and cylinder temperatures. Read all about building your own high quality, inexpensive setup here. Click to view