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1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo Videos

Lancer Evolution Vs. 1989 Mirage Turbo Sleeper
Shot on an early Sunday morning in 2004, this video has become popular on YouTube and many car forums. Both cars are mine and although it has been called fake (mainly by the Evo faithful) I promise it is 100% real. It is simply horsepower to weight ratio displaying itself for all to see. I honestly didn't think the Evo would get beat this bad, especially since it had put a nice beating on a C5 corvette the night before. I wish I would've re-filmed this video with the Mirage running the built engine I installed later. The results would've been far more surprising.

Turbo Mirage High Speed Run
Filmed on a closed course, this video shows a nice highway pull from 55-150mph. The car actually went well past 155mph, but my digital camera only recorded a little bit of video before shutting off. The Mirage was running a 20g turbo and power was likely around 380hp to the wheels.

1/4 mile Drag Racing: 11 second run
In this pass it ran an 11.67@ 119.92 MPH. The car was running 22x8x15" slicks on the front and a 20g turbocharger on a stock 4G63 engine swapped from a 1990 Eclipse. Filmed in November 2002 at Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Front Wheel Drive Sucks!
I demonstrate why owning a high powered front wheel drive car can be a little complicated at times.

1/4 mile Drag Racing - In-car camera and first time to the track!
My 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage 4G63 Turbo making a 1/4 mile drag run at Bradenton Motorsports Park in November of 2001. Check me out as I release years of adolescent agression on my shifter. I had only owned this car for a short time and this was filmed just after I swapped in a fresh 4G63 engine. The mod list was very short, consisting of a small 16g turbo, a DSM sidemount intercooler, and a 2.5" exhaust - that's it! This run was a 12.6 at 106mph.

Lancer Evolution Vs. 1989 Mirage Turbo Sleeper Part 2
Extra footage from the popular video at the top of this page. The deck is stacked in favor of the Evo this time, as the Mirage has a real tough time getting traction around town.

1989 Mitsubishi Mirage / Cyborg Turbo Television Commercial
This is the Japanese television commercial for the 1988/1989 Mitsubishi Cyborg or 1989 Mirage Turbo / Dodge Colt GT in the United States. Who knew autocrossing was such a great spectator sport? Oh, and be sure to sing along!

80 mile per hour burnout!
Me messing around. Nitto drag radials never had it so tough. Seeing is believing.

Grudge Match: Mirage Vs. LS1 Camaro SS
In this video, I'm racing a guy who talked some smack about my poor, little Mirage on a local internet car forum. It was at the next private forum track day that I let the 4G63 respond to him personally. I never heard a peep from him again. :-) Filmed in August of 2002 at Bradenton Motorsports Park. I'll admit that I left a little early, but the ET says it all! This was a very early setup on my car, which consisted of a bone stock 4G63 longblock, small 16g turbo, HKS cams, 2.5 to 3" exhaust, 550cc injectors and a super AFC all running on 93 octane gas. Full factory weight too, which was around 2700lbs w/driver.

Drag Racing: 11.98@118mph
In this video, I'm running a new 20g turbo for the first time at the track. Back then a 20g was considered pretty aggressive! The 20g setup went on to run mid 11s and a best mph of 123. The run was made at full weight, 93 octane fuel and on 22x8x15" slicks. Filmed in October of 2002 at Bradenton Motorsports Park.
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Nate Pharr's 89 Colt GT
This classic video was a big part of my decision to buy one of these great cars. In this run Nate busts a tire-spinning 12.0@121mph. His best time (according to times.dsm.org) was an 11.64@124.74. Awesome!

More videos for your viewing pleasure!

TampaRacing Drag Event 10/2002-The 1.6 Mirage racing. The car had run a 12.97 shortly before this. Didn't get that run on video though.Right click and save

Nopi Drag Racing Event 9/2002-First run ever in the 1.6 Mirage!  With a more agressive 60 foot time and a little tuning, 12s are right around the corner. Right click and save

Nopi Drag Racing Event 9/2002-Here's something rarely seen, two 89 Turbo Mirages racing side by side. Right click and save

Test & Tune 8/2002-Hot and humid night at our local Dragstrip. Car was running good, but the newfound power was blowing the tires off in 1st and 2nd. Right click and save

Test & Tune 11/2001-Good day at the track. Seems like it was 100 years ago! Right click and save

Test & Tune 10/2001-Night Time! Spinning the slicks a little on this run. The cool air was good for makin' horsepower, bad for makin' traction. Right click and save

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