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Before You Begin
Before starting, it's important that you read through the parts list and installation tips on this site to get an idea of what's involved. I've also made a short list of supporting mods/items that are recommended before attempting this install.

A Healthy Motor
A good running motor should be the first step in any of your modification plans. This includes, but is not limited to: fresh spark plugs and wires, good compression numbers, timing properly adjusted, cooling system maintained, etc.

A way to tune your vehicle for the best results. (EGT gauge, datalogger, etc.)
Since this is a kit that may require tuning, (nozzle size, what boost/psi level to activate the system, possibly leaning or richening the fuel mixture, etc) it is necessary to have some way to monitor and record how your engine is performing. Automotive message boards (specific to your make and model) are a great place to read about others who have tuned with water / alcohol / methanol injection. Each vehicle has its own methods of tuning to get the most out of this system. That said, I've seen more than a couple people run this kit and successfully tune it by simply reading their spark plugs. I would recommend a datalogger and/or a wideband O2 sensor. They are rediculously cheap these days.

Why not just buy an existing kit
The purpose of this "how-to" is to build a Water/Alcohol Injection kit that can attempt to match the quality of the ($400 and up) units that are currently available, but at a fraction of the cost. If you follow these steps, you'll have a system that can deliver high performance, reliability, and quality water/alcohol/methanol injection at a much lower cost. That said, there are some great kits out there by very reputable vendors. Consider purchasing a kit if your setup requires advanced features such as progressive rate pump controllers, multiple nozzles, etc. I've never needed to run a progressive controller on my personal cars, but there is no denying their effectiveness.

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