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Installation Instructions
Installation of this water / alcohol/ methanol system is very straightforward. After you have gathered all of the parts listed on the parts list page, print out and study the all in one plumbing and wiring installation diagram below. If you take your time during this step, your system will work for many years without any trouble.

    Useful tips to review before starting your installation:

  • Mount your pump below the lowest water level of your tank in order to promote gravity flow of water from the tank to your pump. The pumps we use in this kit are gravity fed an must be mounted this way

  • Make sure your reservoir is very clean, especially if using a used or existing tank. You don't want any debris entering your pump.

  • Use teflon tape on all brass fittings to ensure a tight, leak-free fit.

  • Before installing any parts in your car, plan where you'll place each component. This may be the most time consuming part of the job, but it is the most important. Spend plenty of time deciding how you will route the wiring, hoses and where you will mount the tank, pump, switch, solenoid. etc.

  • The wiring is designed so that the system will not run unless the key is on. Also, the in-car switch allows you to turn the system off completely so that it will not function at all until the switch is turned back on.

  • When running all of the plumbing and wiring, it is best to route everything carefully. Zip ties and plastic wire loom work very well. Your system will last a long time, and if done well, will be invisible to the untrained eye. The stealth factor of this system is another great benefit. So when folks are scratching their head and asking why you're running so much faster than they are, try not to reveal your secret! For a decent example of a stealthy install, check out the picture of the engine bay near the bottom of the page. Other than the water tank, (which looks pretty unsuspecting) can you spot the parts? No way!

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water alcohol injection instructions

    Mounting the spray nozzle (see pictures below for a visual explanation)

  • Mount the spray nozzle prior to your vehicle's throttle body, preferably in the upper intercooler pipe or throttle body elbow, if your vehicle is so equipped. The nozzle should be mounted between 3-12 inches from your throttle body opening. Also, you'll want to mount the nozzle in the bottom of the pipe, so that it sprays up.

  • Once you've determined a good location, drill a hole in the upper intercooler pipe or throttle body elbow so the nozzle can poke through.

  • With the nozzle poking through the pipe/elbow, thread the nozzle into the 90 degree 1/8 NPT female elbow (see parts list.) Then thread the 1/8 to 3/8 adapter hose fitting into the 90 degree elbow. Attach the 3/8 hose fitting to the 90 degree elbow.

  • Use clamps on all water lines

  • It is important to test the system after finishing your wiring and plumbing, but before you re-connect your intercooler piping. I use a hand-held bicycle tire pump with a pressure guage to test the wiring, adjust the pressure switch and test the pump and spray nozzle. This is an essential step before completing your installation and going for that first drive.
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  DSM Engine   water alcohol injection install throttle body elbow   water alcohol injection install throttle body elbow drilling   water alcohol injection install mounting the spray nozzle   water alcohol injection install spray nozzle   water alcohol injection install spray nozzle assembly

    Maintenance required every 7,000-10,000 miles:

  • Test the system to make sure that the water is flowing out of the nozzle properly. This is to assure no blockages or problems have ocurred.

  • If the nozzle is mounted in a steel pipe, make sure to clean off any surface rust (if any) inside with a wire brush.

  • Enjoy!

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