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Back in 1999, when I installed my first water/alcohol injection setup on my car, I never imagined that water/alcohol/methanol injection would be a well-known and standard modification in most peoples builds. Back then, folks would look at me like I was crazy for spraying water into my engine! Now it's simply part of the automotive mainstream. Why did it become so popular? Because it works!

Here are a few links that you'll find helpful as you research and then build your first kit!
Steve Monroe's How-To for Grand Nationals This is the site that inspired me to install water injection on my vehicles. Excellent site. My setup is practically identical to his, and it works very well. Thank you Steve!
Grand National Water/Alcohol Injection FAQ & Links Great questions and great answers. Also some good testimonials in there. I've purchased a variety of components from this company and found their products to be well put together and the shipping was very fast.