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Water / Alcohol / Methanol Injection Parts List
Here are all of the parts that you'll need to build this system. As you'll see this kit is modular and allows for different pump, nozzle and tank options depending on your needs. Also, I've done my best to make the items on this list affordable and easy to find. NOTE: Some of these items may be found on Ebay. Beware as I've heard that there are many low quality/knockoff parts lurking about.

This system is very similar to the vendor kits out there, and will give you the same if not better results at a fraction of the price! Plus, it really is a fun and easy do it yourself project that will reward you with many years of extra horsepower. I get loads of emails from folks telling me how simple the kit was to install and how incredible the performance gains are, so I'm sure you'll have the same experience. Tell me about your experience by clicking here to send me an email.

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Water/Alcohol/Methanol Pump Options All of these pumps are excellent and will perform well for a long time. Choose the one that best suits your needs. For high boost/big engine cars and/or methanol use, go with a pump from one of the vendors who specilize in high performance pumps below.
Item Vendor Price Notes Picture
SHURflo pump
Northern Tool $59.99 60psi 1.0 GPM, Mounts in any position, adjustable demand switch (pressure can be increased to 80-100psi), Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragm to resist corrosion. Compatible with 100% water or 50/50 water and denatured alcohol. This pump is extremely reliable. I have been using them since 1999 with no failures or problems whatsoever. View Item
SHURflo pump
Northern Tool $79.99 60psi 1.8 GPM, Mounts in any position, adjustable demand switch (pressure can be increased to 80-100psi), Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragm to resist corrosion. Compatible with 100% water or 50/50 water and denatured alcohol. Similar to the one above, but with a higher GPM rating. View Item
Devil's Own pump Devil's Own $89.95 150psi, Methanol Compatible. View Item
CoolingMist pump $120.00 100-200psi, Methanol Compatible. I use this pump in my 500+hp car and it has performed flawlessly for years. View Item
Spray Nozzle Options There have been many new purpose built spray nozzles available in the last few years. Below are two types that I've had very good results with. The main difference between the two types below is cost and ease of install. The McMaster-Carr nozzles are inexpensive, perform well, but require more fittings to install. The CoolingMist fittings are 6 times the cost of a McMaster-Carr unit, but are easier to install and are great performers. If you're unsure on the best nozzle size for you, start smaller and work your way up.
Item Vendor Price Notes Picture
Small Nozzle
P/N 3178K75
McMaster Carr $4.00 3.1gph@40psi, 5.0gph@100psi. Good for small displacement engines in the 150-300hp range. View Item
Medium Nozzle
P/N 3178K76
McMaster Carr $4.00 6.32gph@40psi, 10.0gph@100psi. Good for small displacement engines in the 200-450hp range. View Item
Large Nozzle
P/N 3178K77
McMaster Carr $4.00 9.49gph@40psi, 15.0gph@100psi. Good for a large displacement engines making more than 400hp. View Item Nozzles
various sizes Nozzles $23.95 Sized from 1.3-12gph. Great quality with fewer fittings to install than the McMaster-Carr units. Pricey if you are unsure of what nozzle size you need though. Thankfully, they provide detailed flow data for each nozzle on their website. View Item
Item Vendor Price Notes Picture
Water Solenoid McMaster Carr @$42.50 P/N# 7876K12 Route after the pump, before the nozzle. Assures that NO water will be sucked in until the switch activates and opens the solenoid. If you want a less expensive option, you can use a simple checkvalve. They can be found on the McMaster Carr website, from water injection vendors, as well as other sources. I am not including any additional information on checkvalves since I have no personal experience with them. View Item
Hobbs Pressure Switch Napa Auto Parts $28.50 P/N# 701-1575 This switch IS adjustable! Pop off the rubber cap on one end and adjust away! As an alternative, you can use electrical pressure switches. I've only used the hobbs switch above, so make sure you get a good, quality part if going this route. View Item
Automotive 12V 30 Amp Relay Radio Shack $5.00 P/N# 275-226 View Item
2 Blade Type Fuse Holders Radio Shack $4.00 P/N# 270-1213 View Item
3 pack 20Amp Blade Type Fuses Radio Shack $1.30 (2) P/N# 270-1083 View Item
Lighted (or regular) On/Off Switch Radio Shack $2.70 (2) P/N# 275-706 View Item
Assorted Electrical Connectors Auto Parts Store @$5.00 n/a No Image
12 Guage Wire Black/Red Auto Parts Store $3.00 n/a No Image
Water/alcohol plumbing These items will be used to connect the supply tank to the pump, the pump to the solenoid and the solenoid to the nozzle.
Item Vendor Price Notes Picture
Brass Fitting Auto Parts Store @$3.00 Brass-Tite! #43033, used for nozzle mount assembly View Item
Brass Fitting Auto Parts Store @$3.00 Brass-Tite! #43231, used for nozzle mount assembly View Item
(6) 3/8" Brass Fittings Parts Store @$12.00 Brass-Tite! #43075, used for pump, water tank, water solenoid and nozzle mount assembly. View Item
3/8 Fuel Injection Hose & Clamps Auto Parts Store @$15.00 Use high pressure fuel injection hose only! No Image
Small O-Ring Gasket Auto Parts Store/Home Depot $1.00 To seal any gap between throttle body elbow and nozzle mount. No Image
Water/Alcohol Tank. I've used the stock washer fluid reservoir in many cars since it's a decent size and already mounted in the engine bay. Another inexpensive option is the coolant overflow jugs found at most parts stores. Many vendors offer great methanol compatable tanks and Last but not least, you can go to your local "U-pull-it" salvage yard and find a nice jug out of an 80's import that will work perfectly. Price? $5.00-$15.00 Either way, insert a 3/8" fitting into the tank for free flow to the pump. Don't forget to use silicone on the threads of the fitting.
Click Here to see photos and get more info about your tank options.
Miscellaneous Parts Last but not least, here are the remaining items you'll need.
Item Vendor Price Notes Picture
Denatured Alcohol Home Depot $10.00/gallon Only if you're using a 50/50 alcohol/water mix. View Item
Distilled Water Grocery Store $1.00/gallon Use only distilled water, no tap water. No Image
Vacuum Tee Parts Store @$1.00 Used to tap into a boost/vacuum hose on your engine. After tapping run a vacuum hose from the open end of the vacuum tee to the open end of the pressure switch. No Image

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