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Water / Alcohol Tank Options
On this page, I'll collect photos and provide ideas and information on the potential tank options that you have.
New Tanks: Given the recent popularity of water / alcohol / methanol injection kits, many companies are offering high-quality, durable tanks. If you can afford to go this route, you will be very satisfied, especially if using a tank that is in a remote location. For example, here is a trunk mount water tank from that I'm using in my turbocharged 1992 Mazda Miata. Click to enlarge

water alcohol injection tank

Used Tanks: I took these pictures at a local junkyard to show how easy it is to find creative ideas using an existing washer fluid tank. This is by far the least expensive route and the mounting possibilities are endless! Also, most of these tanks have a low fluid level sensor that you could easily incorporate into your design. I built a kit for a friend that triggered a small LED light when the fluid was low. This was especially good for him because he ran tons of boost and his tune depended on water / alcohol injection. Click thumbnails to enlarge

water alcohol injection tank   water alcohol injection reservoir   water injection tank     large water alcohol injection tank   small water alcohol injection reservoir   water alcohol injection underhood tank
New Tanks: Photos and Info Coming soon!